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Socks and sandals: when bad taste becomes hype

This combination, long seen as the biggest fashion faux pas there could be, looks like it’s making its way into the masculine wardrobe…

For years, all the style blogs were unanimous: wearing socks in sandals was the ultimate error un taste, the unforgivable faux pas. In 2013, Debenhams organised a poll for which the results converged towards saying it was the worst stylistic alliance. On Facebook, you will find groups that sweat that “wearing socks with sandals should be against the law”, as well as videos ranting about the visual torture. You would not even be surprised by the number of people who wish the faux pas would be written into local law.

However, never as much as this summer 2017 has this combination seemed so hype. After Zara, Marni, Calvin Klein or Margaret Howell in 2016, the trend continues and strikes at Prada, Versace, Lou Dalton or MSGM. For these reknown names, no rules: Colours even invite themselves, even if classic brown leather strap sandals with white socks remain a possibility.

From redneck to nomadic curious boy

How would you explain such a turnaround? Probably with the evolution of the face of tourism in the world. Long associated to the image of a scruffy ignorant loudmouth, the boy who goes hiking or trails cities across the world in practical gear no longer has bad press: nowadays, fashion houses depict him as a man curious of the world around him, and nomadic.

Add to this the importance of comfort as a value that clients look for more and more, and you manage to make trendy even the most aesthetically dubious accord. All we need to see now is whether this renewal will seduce consumers and manage the big step from catwalk to the streets…

What do you think? Should socks and sandals be left to the weird fantasies of art directors, or do we want them back on our streets?


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