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Does anyone really want to buy (and wear) these mud-stained jeans???

A jean from American brand PRPS sold for 425$ by the big shop Nordstrom is making noise because of a pretty particular finish: It’s painted à la mud bath.

Nowadays it is widely accepted to wear your jean torn, damaged, raw and battered by time or just bought like that. Well, even wearing such a garment could cause controversy with grandpa and grandma and/or other conservative clothing environments. You would seem dirty, scruffy, you know, not hygienic. Grunge, maybe. Aaand then there came the “Barracuda” jean, imagined by denim brand PRPS and sold to luxury American name Nordstrom. The jean’s odd name defines the wash which is nothing usual as it consists of -fake- mud stains. It’s a bit as if you’d spent your weekend at a festival and, dead drunk on music and beer, you’d gone for a roll in the mud. Coachella has become a giant fashion show, it’s rather a cool things to go to festivals (or hang out with Bear Grylls?), does that mean it’s cool to give the impression you didn’t bother to clean your jeans when you came home?

And the thing is, this dirty (literally) forgery has a ridiculous price too. If you count out the price of the festival ticket, the act of throwing oneself in mud is a strictly free one and doesn’t require to pop out the bank card. However, buying this dirty jean will cost you no less than 425$, or £330. The most interesting is to read the brand’s description of its baby, estimating it “embodies the typical American workwear, marked by intense efforts, with a chipped mud coating that shows you are not afraid of dirty work”. Let’s just repeat that, “not afraid of dirty work”. As if, by spending almost £350, you’d come off as a man, a real one, capable of putting his hands in dirt and careful to show it off. This extreme storytelling could have gone unnoticed except when it hit the online shop it made a few enemies, like Mike Rowe, who hosted a TV show on extreme jobs for a while. “It’s not fashion, it’s fancy wear for rich people who think work is a joke” he wrote on Facebook. For one who may not know, you would come off as misunderstood, extravagant, but mostly as a dirty-misunderstood-extravagant. So what’s the point? It’s not the mud that’ll make you sexy, and we highly advise against trying to flirt with this on your thighs/

As a bad buzz would require, the product was mocked on Twitter and also from sportswear brand Reebok. They put a sweat ridden t-shirt on sale on their website for the identical price of 425$ with a hilarious and sarcastic description. “We did the work for you and offer this wet t-shirt infused with sweat smell”. So, for the same price as the post-festival or post-workday jean, Reebok dared the joke with its post-workout t-shirt. Rated 5 stars on their website, it’s unfortunately already sold out (well you can imagine it was never actually on sale).

Torn or oiled denim made its way through thanks to a few brave trendsetters, maybe this original piece would have the same fate? The tear has become fashionable, but should we accept all eccentricities just because fashion has to reinvent itself?



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